At the Mountains of Mathness

Various articles on maths.

Apes and Asteroids — Lovecraft, Huysmans and the Mountains of Mathness

Double Bubble — consciousness

For Revver and Fevver — geometrical uses of the Halton sequence

Mathematica Magistra Mundi — the mission statement of the Maverick Messiah

Lat’s That — magic squares and magic lattices

Neuclid on the Block — discussion of a very strange and very sane book

Numbered Days — the way the world has treated two young French geniuses

Persecution Complexified — pursuit curves

Stories and Stars — why stories are bigger than stars

The Brain in Pain: Choice, Joyce and the Colour of Your Hair — free will, morality and Hell

The Brain in Train: Tracks, Maths and Truth — determinism and truth

The World As Worm — mathemystical musings

Think Ink — a review of 50 Things You Really Need to Know About Quantum Physics

This Mortal Doyle — more on consciousness

Tri Again — some geometry

White Rites — the blancmange curve

General Maths Category on O.o.t.Ü


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