Performativizing Papyrocentricity #7

Papyrocentric Performativity Presents:

Gábor, Gábor, Hej!Paradoxes in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Gábor J. Székely (1986)

Hit and MistThe Lost World and Other Stories, Arthur Conan Doyle (various dates)

Pride and PrecipiceThe Monk, Matthew Lewis (1796)

Mocking ManningEminent Victorians, Lytton Strachey (1918)

Mind the GapLytton Strachey: A Biography, Michael Holroyd (1967)

H8-FactoryRe-Light My Führer: Nausea, Noxiousness and Neo-Nazism in the Music(k) of Take That, 1988-2007, Dr Miriam B. Stimbers (2013)

Or Read a Review at Random: RaRaR


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